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A list of famous Scottish businessmen & women.

Anderson Arthur 1792 – 1868.
Born Lerwick, Shetland Isles.
Ship Owner. Most notable. Founder of P&O Ferries.
Barr Andrew 1872 - 1903.
Born Falkirk.
Business. Most notable. Invented soft drink Irn Bru.
Baxter William 1877 - 1973.
Born Fochabers, Grampian.
Business. Most notable. Founder of Baxter's soup, product Royal Game soup sold Worldwide.
Burrell Sir William 1861 - 1958.
Born Glasgow.
Business. Most notable. Ship owner turned compulsive collector. Amassed over 8000 items, donated to City of Glasgow. Burrell Collection open to public at Pollok Park south of Glasgow.
Carnegie Andrew 1835 - 1918.
Born Dunfermline, Fife.
Business. Most notable. Iron & Steel works magnate, became richest man in the World. Gave most of his wealth away to Education, Churches and Libraries. Committed to World peace, offered to purchase the Phillipines to free the people from adverse rule.
Collins William 1789 – 1853.
Born Eastwood, Renfrewshire.
Publisher. Most notable. Ironically left school at 11 to produce school books, became teacher. Founder of HarperCollins Books now owned by Rupert Murdoch, NewsCorp.
Dewar John 1856 – 1929.
Born Perth, Tayside.
Whisky producer. Most notable. Transformed fathers small whisky business into a global entity. Dewars Whisky Distillers.
Farmer Sir Thomas 1940 - present.
Born Edinburgh.
Business. Most notable. Founder of Kwik-Fit tyre and exhaust chain.
Forbes Robert 1880 - 1954.
Born New Deer, Aberdeen.
Business. Most notable. Founded Forbes Magazine.
Fraser Hugh 1903 - 1966.
Born Glasgow.
Business. Most notable. Grew Grandfathers business into a multi million pound enterprize House of Frazer. Owned Arnotts, Binns, Harrods of London.
Gloag Ann 1942 - present.
Born Perth, Tayside.
Business. Most notable. Founded Stagecoach Bus Company. Scotland's richest woman (2004). Awarded OBE same year.
Lipton Sir Thomas 1850 - 1931.
Born Glasgow.
Business. Most notable. Successful grocer, Liptons Tea. Started the concept of World Cup Football in 1910.
Logan William 1913 - 1966.
Born Muir of Ord, nr Inverness.
Business. Most notable. Constructed Tay Road Bridge Scotland.
MacBrayne David 1818 - 1907.
Born Glasgow.
Business. Most notable. Founder of shipping line now known as Caledonian MacBrayne.
Macintosh Charles 1766 - 1843.
Born Glasgow.

Business. Most notable. Developed process of sticking rubber to cloth fabric, producing first waterproof clothing. Rain coat commonly known today as a "Mac".
McAdam John 1756 - 1836.
Born Ayr, Ayrshire.

Surveyor. Most notable. Invented the road surface tarmac.
McAlpine Sir Robert 1847 - 1934.
Born Newarthill, Lanarkshire.
Business. Most notable. Pioneered use of concrete as a construction material.
McEwan Dr William 1827 – 1913.
Born Alloa nr Stirling.
Brewer. Most notable. McEwan's company became Scottish Brewers Ltd in 1931, Scottish & Newcastle PLC in 1960. McEwans Export beer available Worldwide.
McGill James 1744 – 1813.
Born Glasgow.
Fur trader. Most notable. Founded McGill University Montreal Canada in 1821.
Mitchell Stephen 1789 – 1874.
Born Linlithgow, Lothian & Borders.
Tobacco manufacturer. Most notable. Founder of Mitchell Library Glasgow.
Mone Michelle 1972 - present.
Born Dennistoun, Glasgow.
Business. Most notable. Invented "Ultimo" gel filled bra.
Paterson William 1658 - 1719.
Born Tinwald, Dumfries & Galloway.
Business. Most notable. Founded the Bank of England.
Salvasen Edward 1857 – 1942.
Born Leith, Edinburgh.
Son of ship owner. Most notable. First President of Royal Zoological Society of Scotland. First to ship Penguins to Edinburgh Zoo Scotland.
Walker Johnnie 1805 - 1859.
Born Kilmarnock.
Business. Most notable. Whisky blender, Walker's Kilmarnock Whisky became World famous Red, Black, Blue and recently (2004) Green Label.
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