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A list of famous Scottish men & women.

Bell Alexander Graham 1847 - 1922.
Born Edinburgh.
Inventor. Most notable. Invented the telephone in 1876.
Brown George 1818 - 1880.
Born Edinburgh.
Explorer. Most notable. Founded Canada.
Bruce James 1730 - 1794.
Born Stirling, Central.
Explorer. Most notable. Discovered source of Blue Nile in Ethiopia 1770.
Douglas David 1799 - 1834.
Born Scone, Perth.
Botanist. Most notable. Discovered over 200 new plants in North America. Douglas Fir tree named after him.
Dunlop John 1840 – 1921.
Born Dreghorn, Ayrshire.
Inventor. Most notable. Developed pneumatic tyre.
Graham Thomas 1805 – 1869.
Born Glasgow.
Inventor. Most notable. Invented first dialysis machine (kidney)
Gregory James 1638 – 1675.
Born Drumoak, Grampian.
Inventor. Most notable. Invented reflector type telescope. Known today as Gregorian Telescope. Developed further by Sir Isaac Newton.
Hope Prof. John 1725 - 1786.
Born Edinburgh.
General. Most notable. Introduced the plant Rhubarb to Scotland.
Livingstone David 1813 - 1873.
Born Blantyre, Lanarkshire.
Explorer. Most notable. Discovery of Victoria Falls. Commissioned by the Royal Geographical Society to find the source of the River Nile. Contact being lost after several months a New York newspaper sent Mr Henry Stanley to the region in an attempt to locate him. Upon discovery Mr Stanley penned the now famous phrase "Dr Livingstone I presume".
Mackenzie Sir Alexander 1764 -1820.
Born Stornoway, Isle of Lewis.
Explorer. Most notable. Discovered and traversed longest river in Canada, Mackenzie River.
McCulloch John Ramsay 1789 - 1864.
Born Whithorn, Dumfries & Galloway
General. Most notable. First ever Editor of The Scotsman newspaper.
McDougall Alexander.
Born Dumfries, Dumfries & Galloway.
Inventor. Most notable. Creation of self raising flour agent. McDougall company now part of Rank Hovis. Owns brand names Hovis, Mr Kipling cakes, Robertsons jam, Bisto gravy.
Muir John 1838 - 1914.
Born Dunbar.
Explorer. Most notable. Founded Sierra Club, dedicated to protecting nature.
Scroggie Ebenezer. 1778 – 1836.
Born Kirkaldy, Central.
General. Most notable. Provided Charles Dickens with inspiration for the miserly old man Ebenezer Scrooge. Perhaps exaserbating the notion that the Scots are cheap!
Stuart John 1815 - 1866.
Born Dysart, Fife.
Explorer. Most notable. First cross Country trek from south to north to south of Australia in 1839. Stuart Highway and Mount Stuart named after his accomplishments.
Thomson Joseph 1858 - 1895.
Born Penpoint, Dumfries & Galloway.
Explorer. Most notable. Whilst exploring Kenya discovered Thomson's Gazelle, named after him.
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