Famous Irish folks.
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A collection of Ireland's famous folks.

Massey William 1865 - 1925. Born Limavady Co Derry.
Politics. Most notable. Prime Minister of New Zealand 1912 to 1925.
Ferguson Harry George 1884 - 1960. Born Growell, Co Down.
Business. Most notable. First powered flight in Ireland. Developed tractor plough combination. Founder of Massey Ferguson.
Guinness Arthur 1725 - 1803. Born
Business. Most notable. Founded Guinness Brewery.
Shackleton Ernest 1874 - 1922. Born Kilkee, Co Clare.
Explorer. Member of Robert Scott's 1901-04 Antarctic expedition across the Ross Ice Shelf. Aircraft Avro Shackleton named after his adventures.
Quill Michael 1905 - 1966. Born Gortloughera, Kilgarvan, County Kerry.
Business. Most notable. Founded Transport Workers Union of America (1934). Worked on the construction of New York subway system.
Ryan Dr Tony 1936 - present. Born Ireland.
Business. Most notable. Founder of Irish Airline Ryanair.
Best George 1946 - 2005. Born Belfast NI.
Sports. Most notable. Tenure at Manchester United Football Team led to many victories. Battled alchoholism for many years.
Coghlan Eammon 1952 - present. Born Co. Dublin.
Sports. Most notable. Set World record for running a mile in 3 min 49.78 seconds in 1983. In 1994 became the first man over 40 year of age to run a sub-four minute mile.
Higgins Alex 1949 - present. Born Belfast NI.
Sports. Most notable. Better known as "Hurricane Higgins" won World Professional Snooker Championships 1972, youngest ever at age 23.
Irvine Eddie 1965 - present. Born Bangor NI.
Sports. Most notable. Formula One race car driver. Won the Australian and Malaysian Grand Prix in 1999.
Jennings Patrick 1945 - present. Born Newry NI.
Sports. Most notable. Considered as one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time. Played in over 1000 matches for clubs and Ireland.
McGuigan Barry 1961 - present. Born Co.Monaghan.
Sports. Most notable. 1985 WBA World Featherweight Boxing champion.
Hoban James 1762 - 1831. Born Co. Kilkenny.
Architech. Most notable. Designed the White House, USA.
Callan Nicholas 1799 - 1864. Born Dundalk.
Inventor. Most notable. Invented the induction coil.
Holland John 1841 - 1914. Born Co. Clare.
Inventor. Most notable. Built the first successful submarine, the "Fenian Ram".
Tyndall John 1820 - 1893. Born Co. Carlow.
Inventor. Most notable. Created a Light Tube, forerunner of fibre-optics. Explained why the sky appears blue in 1869 by scattered light rays hitting the atmosphere. Condition is known today as "Tyndall" effect.
Brennan Louis 1852 - 1932. Born Ireland.
Inventor. Most notable. Brennan Torpedo (1874) by using wires spun out from the rear it became the World's first guided missile. Designed Monorail system using gyroscopes (1907) and early helicopter designs.
Bull Lucien 1876 - 1972. Born Dublin.
Inventor. Most notable. Pioneer of ultra high speed photography allowing filming of ballistic projectiles, insects in flight. In 1952 he recorded 1 million images per second.
Joly John 1857 - 1933. Born Holywood, Meath, Ireland.
Medical. Most notable. Developed method for extracting Radium pioneering it's use in cancer treatment.
Brosnan Pierce 1953 - present. Born Drogheda, Co Louth. Eire.
Actor. Most notable. Played James Bond in GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, The World Is Not Enough, Die Another Day.
Brambell Wilfrid 1912 - 1985. Born Dublin.
Actor. Most notable. Played the Father in Steptoe and Son.
Meaney Colm 1953 - present. Born Dublin.
Actor. Most notable. Played Engineer Chief Miles O'Brien in Star Trek Next Generation. Only actor to appear in 14 seasons of Star Trek.
Neeson Liam 1952 - present. Born Ballymena, NI.
Actor. Most notable. Played Oskar Schindler in Schindler's List (1993), Rob Roy MacGregor in Rob Roy (1995), Qui-Gon Jinn in Star Wars - The Phantom Menace (1999), Henri Ducard in Batman Begins (2005).
O'Toole Peter 1932 - present. Born Connemara.
Actor. Most notable. Starred in Lawrence of Arabia (1962), The Last Emperor (1987), Zulu Dawn (1997).
Mulhare Edward 1923 - 1997. Born Cork, Ireland.
Actor. Most notable. Played Devon Miles in TV series Knight Rider (1982).
Harris Richard 1930 - 2002. Born Limerick, Ireland.
Actor. Most notable. As Marcus Aurelius in Gladiator (2000), as Dumbledore in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001), Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002).
Hewson Paul 1960 - present. Born Dublin.
Singer. Most notable. Better known as Bono, lead singer of U2.
Bhraonain Eithne Ni 1961 - present. Born Co. Donegal.
Singer. Most notable. Better known as Enya.
Geldof Bob 1951 - present. Born County Dublin.
Singer/Activist. Most notable. Produced the hit single Band Aid and organiser of Live Aid, Live 8 concerts.
O'Connor Sinead 1966 - present. Born Dublin.
Singer. Most notable. Successful singer noted for her shaved head and outspoken views.
Wogan Sir Terry 1938 - present. Born Limerick.
TV. Most notable. Popular radio and television host.
Andrews Eammon 1922 - 1987. Born Dublin.
TV. Most notable. Presented Crackerjack, What's My Line (1951-1963 / 1984-1987), This Is Your Life (1955 - 1987).
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