Airbus A380 - Corporate - F-WWOW

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Copyright: Joe Curry Mail  -  ID: 3784    Views: 15223  -  05-09-2009
Airport: Edinburgh Turnhouse EDI - EGPH
Type/Model: Airbus A380
Version: A380    Reg #: F-WWOW
Cons. #:    Code #:
Airline: Corporate
Category: Special Paint Theme
Comment: On Edinburgh Airport Approach - part of a UK tour

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Martin J Galloway on 05th September 2009 10:21 pm: Beautiful Joe, what a huge beast.
saman on 06th September 2009 09:16 am: Joe,
Great photo but can I plead that we get the name of the manufacturer correct please?

The company is simply called "Airbus" - the "Industrie" was dropped about 8 or 9 years ago and never ever had a "s" at the end.

Airbus is the world's biggest manufacturer and seller of civil airliners (yes, bigger than Boeing over the last several years) and has now sold some 9500 aircraft - every one with wings designed and built in Great Britain. Be very proud!
Martin J Galloway on 07th September 2009 04:26 pm: Saman, thanks for your comment. You are correct that Airbus is not an airline. I have edited the A380 images to display "Corporate" which indeed is more of an accurate reflection of who operates the aircraft at time of photo. Thanks for your support.
Joe Curry on 13th September 2009 02:25 am: Thanks all. I see Martin has done the necessary text changes. The A380 might not be seen over Scotland for
many years..I feel privileged being there on this occasion.

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