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General : Entertainer
Bader Sir Douglas 1910 - 1982.
Born St John's Wood, London.
Pilot. Most notable. Highly decorated Spitfire pilot despite having both legs amputated. Went on to record 22 german kills. Shot down over Germany and taken prisoner. Attempted escape so many times, he was sent to Colditz Castle where he was liberated after WWII.
Baker Sir Benjamin 1840 - 1907.
Born Bath.
Engineer. Most notable. Designed and constructed the Forth Railway Bridge Edinburgh, Scotland.
Barry Sir Charles 1795 - 1860.
Born Westminster, London.
Architect. Most notable. Designed the Houses of Parliament.
Branson Sir Richard 1950 - present.
Born Surrey.
Business. Most notable. Founder of the Virgin brand. Started with a record store in London 1970, signed up Mike Oldfield. Tubular Bells national hit. Flew across the Atlantic in a balloon, then speedboat attempt. Cellphones, airlines, trains to name but a few of his businesses.
Brunel Isambard 1906 - 1859.
Born Portsmouth.
Engineer. Most notable. Designed The Thames Tunnel, the first major sub-river tunnel ever built. Designed The Great Western Railway which included the largest railway tunnel in the World in it's time, the Box Tunnel. Designed and built the first iron-hulled propellor driver ship to cross the Atlantic, The Great Britain. Designed the Royal Albert Bridge, nr Plymouth and the spectacular Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol.
Camm Sidney 1893 - 1966.
Born England.
Engineer. Most notable. Designed the successful WWII Fighter Hawker Hurricane. Assisted in the development of vector thrust as used today in the Harrier jump jet.
Cockerell Christopher 1910 - 1999.
Born Cambridge.
Engineer. Most notable. Invented the hovercraft.
Laker Sir Freddie 1922 - 2006.
Born England.
Business. Most notable. Founder of the no frills airline industry Laker Airways. Launched trans-Atlantic skytrain services in 1977 at one third the cost of other carriers. Plagued by indifferent business practices by the larger airlines and the safety record of the DC-10 at the time, Laker went out of business.
Mitchell Reginald CBE 1895 - 1937.
Born Talke, Stoke-on-Trent.
Engineer. Most notable. Designed the WWII fighter Spitfire. Plagued by cancer, incredibly he continued to design later versions of the Spitfire after a colostomy and even a four engined bomber.
Potter Beatrix 1866 - 1943.
Born England.
Writer. Most notable. Beatrix Potter series of childrens books, starting with the successful "The Tale of Peter Rabbit" in 1902. Second most influential female writer after JK Rowling.
Rowling Joanne K. 1965 - present.
Born Chipping, Sodbury.
Writer. Most notable. Author of the Harry Potter books. Believed by Forbes magazine to be the richest woman in the United Kingdom with a fortune in excess of 700 million pounds sterling.
Stephenson George 1781 - 1848.
Born Wylam, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
Engineer. Most notable. Designed the first steam powered locomotive (The Rocket). Known as the Father of the UK steam railways.
Wallis Sir Barnes CBE 1887 - 1997.
Born Ripley, Derbyshire.
Engineer. Most notable. Designed the "bouncing bomb" used in the famous Dam Busters raid on the Ruhr valley in WWII.
Whittle Frank 1907 - 1996.
Born Earlsdon, Coventry.
RAF/Engineer. Most notable. Invented the first jet aircraft engine, but due to financial difficulties was beaten to production by Hans Von Ohain of Germany.
General : Entertainer
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