Header image courtesy of the Image Science & Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center. Image looking SW over Devon & Cornwall England.
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Some interesting facts & trivia about England's weather, geography & population.

Geography Highest mountain. Scafell Pike in Cumbria 3210 feet.
Geography Largest lake. Windemere 16.2 sq miles.
Geography The French port of Calais remained in English hands until 1558.
Geography Longest river within boundary of England - River Thames 215 miles in length.
Geography Lowest point in England. Bed of Lake Windermere 94 feet below sea level.
Geography Waterfall with the longest drop - Caldron Snout, County Durham 197.6 feet.
Population London 7,172,091
Population Birmingham 970,892
Population Liverpool 469,017
Population Leeds 443,247
Population Sheffield 439,866
Population Bristol 420,556
Population Manchester 394,269
Population Leicester 330,574
Population Coventry 303,475
Population Bradford 293,717
Population Stoke-on-Trent 259,252
Population Wolverhampton 251,462
Population Nottingham 249,584
Population Plymouth 243,795
Population Southampton 234,224
Population Reading 232,662
Population Derby 229,407
Trivia St Paul's Cathedral in London survived the Blitz during WWII despite tens of thousands of tons of German bombs falling all around.
Trivia In 1666 the City of London was almost wiped off the map during the Great Fire. 88 Churches alone were burned to the ground after the four day inferno.
Trivia Berkshire was first registered as a County in 860AD and was called Beaurrucsir.
Trivia There is a greater number of Rolls Royce vehicles per capita in Hong Kong than in England.
Trivia The sentence "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog." uses every letter in the English alphabet.
Trivia Fuel consumption of the cruise ship Queen Elizabeth 2 at full power - 6 inches per gallon.
Trivia The term "the whole nine yards" came from WWII Hurricane fighter pilots. The length of the ammunition belts in each cannon was 27 feet. Firing continuously at a German aircraft coined the phrase "I gave him the whole nine yards".
Trivia 32% of women and 54% of men surveyed using an Internet Dating service admitted they were already married.
Trivia A law was passed in England during the reign of Edward I that made burning coal an offence punishable by death.
Trivia The original London Bridge was made of wood and was pulled down by Saxon sailors in 1014.
Trivia Queen Berengaria, the wife of Richard "Lion Heart" never set foot on English soil during her 8 year reign.
Trivia Smallest pub. The Nutshell, Bury St Edmonds - 15ft x 7ft 6in.
Trivia Highest pub. Tan Hill Inn, Yorkshire - 1732 feet above sea level. (UK record)
Weather Sunniest month. 383.9 hours Eastbourne July 1911.
Weather Dullest month. 0.0 hours at Westminster December 1890.
Weather Wettest day. 11 inches Martinstown Dorset, 18 July 1955.
Weather Highest wind gust at low level site, 118 mph Gwennap Head Cornwall, December 15th 1979.
Weather Hottest. 38.5C Brogdale, Kent. August 10th 2003.
Weather Coldest -26.1C Newport, Shropshire. January 10th 1982.
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Header image courtesy of the Image Science & Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center. Image looking SW over Devon & Cornwall England.
Mission STS 099 - Roll 704 - Frame 63. Feb 11 ~ 22 2000. Space Shuttle Endeavour. Click here to see crew.

Image copyright NASA.