More about poet Robert Burns.
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Robert Burns Cottage Ayrshire, Alloway.

Burns Cottage. Robert was born here in this unassuming little thatched cottage on 25th January 1759.
Alloway Auld Kirk Ayrshire, Alloway.

Auld Kirk. Robert's Father William Burns is buried in this graveyard 13th February 1784.
Burns Statue Ayr Ayrshire, Ayr.

Burns Statue. Location Burn's Square heading towards Alloway. West of the railway station 250yds.
Burns Statue Kilmarnock Ayrshire, Kilmarnock.

Burns Statue. Location outside Bank of Scotland dome near the west doors to the Burns Mall.
Burns Monument Kay Park Ayrshire, Kilmarnock.

Burns Monument. Location Kay Park 1 mile north east of town centre. Monument destroyed by fire in 2004. Currently in ruins.
Burns House Museum Ayrshire, Mauchline.

Burns House Museum. Robert and his new wife Jean Armour began married life in this house in 1788.
Burns National Memorial Ayrshire, Mauchline.

Burns National Memorial. First opened in 1898 to commemorate the centenary of Burns' death.
Mauchline Parish Church Ayrshire, Mauchline.

Mauchline Parish Church. There are a total of 24 references to Robert Burns' contemporaries buried here.
Burns House Dumfries Dumfries & Galloway, Dumfries.

Burns House Dumfries. Robert lived here for only 3 years 2 months before his death in July 1796.
St Michaels Church Dumfries Dumfries & Galloway, Dumfries.

St Michaels Church Dumfries. Robert buried 1796. 19 years later in 1815 grave moved to a domed mausoleum at this location.
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