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Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Ayr.
Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Ayr
Where is Ayr? : More photos from Ayr.

The Church today is a substantial building of worship, but it has humble beginnings. The original concept of the Church in Fullarton Street Ayr, began in a loft above a joiners shop in 1832.

After four years a site for a proper church was acquired in the current location and the new place was consecrated in 1839. 13 years later in 1852 due to the fervent support of parishoners the Church was extended. The membership continued to grow to such an extent here in Ayr that a decision was made to totally rebuild a newer and larger one.

The foundation stone was laid in 1887 and the new church opened in 1888. The Architect who designed the Church was John Loughborough Pearson RA. Mr Pearson designed many houses of worship in his day but primarily in England.
Interesting to note that his ideas for a tower and spire were scrubbed. One wonders what the Church would have looked like had his original plans been followed. Pearson creations are notably "different" from the mainstream cookie cutter designs. It is a shame that we cannot bear witness to the mans genius in totality here.

To put things into perspective, Mr Pearson was responsible for the design of magnificent Truro Cathedral in Cornwall. Holy Trinity missed out on the best part of Pearson's tall and statuesque creations - his huge nosebleed needle sharp towers.
So did the original design have three peaked roofs, that is anyones guess as to what was there before the truncated tower was installed? Driving past you'd never notice that the stone of the tower is different. In fact I bet you didn't notice either! Depending on how good your monitor is, you should be able to see the join. Amazing eh? Even more astonishing when I tell you the tower was added in 1964, 76 years after the Kirk opened.

During my visit in May 2005 the stonework was in magnificent shape and the iron railings surrounding the perimeter well maintained. Holy Trinity Episcopal is a tricky Church to photograph due to the suburban nature of it's modern day surroundings. I was blessed with a beautiful day, it's warm sandy stonework and robust design certainly give Holy Trinity an attractive aire.

Martin J. Galloway Editor.
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