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The Beginning.

About 6:00 am one bright October morning in 2003, I awoke with an idea.... an idea that would consume thousands of hours of my time, frustration and inevitibly... my money.

Two years after the Internet hit our living rooms in 1994, I taught myself HTML. This somewhat of a difficult task for me as I have more of an artistic nature being a photographer. 7 years later I would use that talent with a vengence.

Image showing the first scribbles in a notepad of how front page might look. Mouse over to see actual end result.
Image showing the first scribbles in a notepad of how the front page should look. Spring 2004.
Mouse over to see Wales site version.
The last 4 years of the 90's saw incredible growth on the Internet. It was the greatest thing since sliced bread and everyone wanted to be on the Net. I remember at some point in 1997 uploading some pictures of our local Kirk to an American woman's website. She had traced her ancestry to the graveyard and I thought the inclusion of some images that I had taken in 1984 would be of interest. This innocent gesture, many years later would manifest itself into what you see in KlickThis.com today. A fully fledged high quality searchable database of British images. Something that hadn't been done before.
The pages took shape but within 2 years were becoming too small at 800 pix across.
The pages started taking shape but within 2 years were becoming too small at 800 pix across.
Mouse over to see thumbnail gallery layout.

Endless Lagoon's.

An abundance of big name photo galleries would appear at the turn of the Millenium. In their own right they scratched a groove in the road of mediochrity, for they became nothing more than a vast cauldron of snapshots. A lagoon that was fairly limited to the end user, it was neither searchable, nor specific to any Region or Country. That's when I decided not to follow the rest of the Sheep... and the four British/Irish sites were born.

Google Problems.

I was doing a site search one afternoon and was horrified to discover only the front page of all four sites were showing on Google. This down from several hundred the week before - what had happened would chart the course for a single domain that you see today.
Since the four sites were inexorably linked in style and relevance, it would be the aircraft section that would be my Achilles Heel. All four Country domains drew upon the same UK aircraft MySQL database. However innocent on my behalf, this triggered a "duplicate content" filter with Googlebot. I was devastated at the results. Overnight my hard work became virtually invisible to the World.

Single Domain name.

Determined to rid myself of the duplicate content prison, and wishing to see the site in a larger format, I embarked upon a journey to convert everything from 800 pix wide, to 1024. This was not a simple task of cutting and pasting content from the original sites to the new one. Everything was a different dimension, headers, columns etc. The whole site literally had to be redone over again. From concept to site launch, this would be an 18 month battle.

The birth of KlickThis.com.

What you see today, launched in June 2008 is a culmination of hard work from not only myself, but my wife. Endless hours of finding thousands of links to British/Irish websites. A massive database of just about every Hotel and B&B in the UK that run over 12,000 listings. Days of work by my friend, copying from a huge book. Articles that I wrote, researched and photographed myself. All in my quest to make this the most interesting portal of UK/Irish information on the Internet. Of course... we all have to crawl before we can walk. Patience is still ongoing.

You - The User.

Since the site expansion I wanted to make your visits as useful as possible. New personal galleries and admin panels were added so it became easier to view and edit your own stuff. Image sizes were now expanded from 1024 fixed, to a 900 - 1100 pixel parameter. Quality of images were increased from 200kB to 350kB and a comment feature was added to every single image in the database. Every one of your images now comes with an opportunity for individuals to contact you about your image. This completely void of any interference from us.

Thank You.

So there you have it in a few paragraphs. A brief synopsis of how the site came to fruition from some scribbles in a ring binder. Hard work and determination, but without you, the visitor, the photographer, the fascination you have for Scotland, England, Ireland or Wales. It would mean nothing if nobody showed up. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and trust in not only the sites' functionality, but in me for putting this mental idea together. Thank you.

Where d'ya wanna go?

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